Trading Education

Trading global markets is a risky yet effective investment strategy. Unlike most traditional investment methods, trading CFDs requires a specific skill set and yet an even more specific base of knowledge. However, trading is like any other financial skill: it needs to be learned, developed and honed to perfection.

As a beginner investor curious about CFD trading, you must understand one thing above all: trading is risky. CFD trading is not suitable for everyone. We are more than glad to share our favorite trading material openly with anyone. But we are not trading experts and you should consider the below articles solely as helpful guidance towards your goal to become a successful trader. Thus, none of the material shared here is enough to prepare you for the markets.

We strongly recommend you to open a demo account and learn trading in a risk-free environment. You must not risk your capital before you know what you are doing. We kindly suggest our sponsor Proton Capital Market‘s demo account for a good start to your journey. Enjoy our free education material!

Currency Pairs

What is a currency pair? How do you trade currencies such as EURUSD or UDSJPY? Learn about foreign exchange market here!

CFD Trading

What is a CFD? How do you trade CFDs? Learn about the advantages of CFDs and how to start trading CFDs easily with a reliable broker.

Trading Bitcoin CFDs

Cryptocurrencies have become highly popular assets. But did you know that you can trade CFDs for Bitcoin? Here is how.

Pips & Lots

You might have heard mentions of pips and lots in CFD trading. What is a lot? How do you measure a lot? How do you calculate pips for profit and loss?