Backbase Partners with Zafin to Help Banks Enhance Personalization

Banking technology innovator Backbase and customer service solutions provider Zafin announced a partnership today.

The two Finovate alums teamed up to offer Backbase clients access to Zafin’s technology. Specifically, Backbase clients can use Zafin to send their end customers highly personalized products and offers with pricing models that are tailored to each recipient.

The personalization element is a key differentiator. In today’s digital-first banking economy, personalization is a crucial element to customer retention and loyalty.

“This new partnership with Zafin offers our clients yet another way to build hyper-personalized experiences for customers while helping to break away from the legacy systems that have historically slowed the pace of innovation, and we’re excited to see our customers benefit,” said Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter.

Backbase was founded in 2003 and offers solutions for banks to better engage with their customers. Today’s move is a win-win; it not only enhances Backbase’s offerings, but also provides Zafin access to a host of new bank clients.

The Zafin partnership comes after a heavy month of news from Amsterdam-based Backbase. The company began February with an announcement that it was selected by TechCU to overhaul its members’ banking experience, followed by partnership announcements from Banesco Panamá, Basis Bank, an National Bank of Bahrain.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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