Google Finance introduces brand new cryptocurrency tab

Google Finance, Google’s dedicated website that features business news and other financial events, has officially added a crypto ta

Google Finance has, for a while now, helped investors and entrepreneurs by presenting major news events from the finance world. However, crypto has never really been extensively featured on the website until today. The website has officially incorporated a dedicated crypto tab on the site called ‘Crypto’.

Crypto users can check out the tab and conveniently access important updates on the following crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC). The tab also offers historical data of these crypto assets.

Many users will appreciate the fitting position of the tab on the site. The handy feature can easily be spotted at the right top of the page under the ‘Compare Markets’ category. It is listed as one of the five default markets alongside other options –‘U.S.’, ‘Europe’, ‘Asia’, and ‘Currencies’. At the moment, the site appears to be tracking only the four aforementioned crypto assets.

The homepage of Google Finance showing the new crypto tab

Clicking on either of the cryptocurrencies will direct you to a page that contains detailed information of that crypto, including its current exchange rate, price movement, the price chart for different intervals, the latest news around the asset, and other key statistics. An option to compare the crypto asset with any of the remaining three is also provided. Users can choose with one or all three assets simultaneously.

Searches for other cryptos like Cardano and Stellar don’t yield any results on the site. The only other closest search result related to crypto is the Ripple XRP Liquid Index that appears if you search ‘Ripple’. The Ripple XRP Liquid Index can be accessed on NASDAQ. At present, it is not yet known if other crypto assets will feature in this section in the future. That said, the four that are available at the moment provide something to work with.

This addition of a dedicated tab represents progress, at least to some in the crypto community, as cryptocurrencies seem to be making their way into mainstream usage. Elsewhere, Google Trends data shows that searches for the word ‘bitcoin’ are yet to come close to those seen three years ago despite the recent impressive rally that started at the end of 2020.

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