eToro to add 3 new IPO stocks

Discover three new and hot stocks to buy on the world’s leading social trading platform.

eToro plans to add three hot stocks to its platform starting Wednesday, 21 July 2021, according to details on the social trading platform.

The broker expects to add Kaltura Inc. (KLTR), Couchbase Inc. (BASE), and Outbrain Inc. (OB) to its suite of tradable stocks as the three companies list on US-based exchange NASDAQ.

According to eToro customer support, the new stocks will initially be available to “buy” only, and will only be tradable without leverage. Also, while the new stocks will definitely be available for investing, users need to note that this will only be possible after the IPO has floated—this typically means during the “trading” session after the opening bell.

However, eToro users can take advantage of the pre-listing option on the brokerage to add the stocks to their watchlist.

Expected IPO dates

Kaltura’s initial public offering (IPO) is scheduled for 21 July 2021. The software company, founded in 2006, has its operations headquartered in New York and offers services across Cloud TV and video platforms. The company is offering 15,000,000 shares, at a $10 per-share value.

The next stock on the list is Couchbase (BASE), which will list on NASDAQ on Thursday, 22 July. It is also a software company based in the US, while web advertising company Outbrain (OB) will have its IPO on Friday, 23 July. Outbrain generates its revenue from connecting online users to links leading to sponsored content.

Couchbase, Inc. will offer 7,000,000 shares at $21.5 per share, while Outbrain Inc. is set to offer 8,000,000 shares, with a per-share value of $25.

eToro has said its initial price offering for the three stocks may slightly differ from the IPO prices.

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