USD is once again of interest to all. Overview for 16.03.2023

EURUSD pair looks weak on Thursday. The current quote in EURUSD is 1.0600. The fluctuation amplitude of the main currency pair looks as massive as before. It's all about the global "risk aversion" seen in the capital markets.

The isolated signals of problems in the U.S. banking sector could be "extinguished" by the monetary and financial authorities, as there have been many efforts to do so. However, the fact that the problems do not only affect the USA, but also Europe, brought investors back to thinking about the extent of what was happening. The fiscal breakdown at Credit Suisse is very bad news, even if the Swiss authorities are now prepared to provide liquidity to the company. It is very possible that more than one such episode will turn up in the near future. Against the background of threats of such volume, the market participants are once again "retreating" into the American dollar.

The European Central Bank will hold a meeting today. The main scenario is an interest rate hike of 50 basis points. Maybe the ECB will somehow comment on the sustainability of the European banking system.

The US will release statistics on import prices and the number of new home starts in February.

Without any sensationalism, the stats will be ignored as the banking crisis is "in the foreground".

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